Water Recycling and ways for water reuse

Facts about Water Recycling and ways for water reuse

With constant demands on water resources, in many parts of the country water is in short supply. Changing weather patterns, increasing demand and inefficient water management means that less water needs to go further.

Water Reuse

Up to 50 percent of a community’s drinking water is used for irrigation. Much of this irrigation water could be replaced with reclaimed (treated sewage) water. Reusing water to irrigate garden can dramatically reduce the amount of main water used.Recycling wastewater by using it to irrigate our gardens is one way of reducing pressure on high-quality water supplies.
Reusing wastewater (sewage) leads to significant savings of water, energy and money. Treated sewage water can be used for agricultural irrigation, groundwater recharge and the irrigation of lawns, landscapes, cemeteries and golf courses.
Reclaimed (treated sewage) water is a clear and odorless high-quality water sourcefor industrial and irrigation needs. By offsetting demand for ground water and surface water, this alternative,nontraditional water source reduces stress on environmental systems, provides economic benefits by delaying costly water system expansions and eliminates the need to discharge wastewater effluent to surface waters.

Benefits Of RT Pure System

RT Pure sewage treatment system offer greater flexibility, cost-effective,energy-efficient and reliable wastewater treatment solutions for improved quality of sewage (waste water) treatment than the conventional on-site wastewater treatment system.

Through efficient continuous, odourless, noiseless operation & production of reclaimed water (treated wastewater) RT Pure affords a safe and proven alternative water source..