Pay Per Use Sewage Treatment Systems

RT Pure® - A technology for achieving maximum reuse of treated sewage wastewater for beneficial uses. Produces fit-for-purpose water from a variety of sources including stormwater, greywater and wastewater . Delivers sufficient water for everyday non-potable needs through sewage, wastewater recycling.

At RT Pure, we understand that every water drops needs to be saved. By understanding your processes, we can offer cost-effective solutions that add value, reduce timely risk, increase efficiency and deliver savings.

In order to deliver a customised solution to our customers, the following stages are implemented:

Get most of Your Water from Treated Sewage Water. Reuse water for everyday household or non-potable needs.

salient features of Pay Per Use sewage treatment systems
RT Pure, Advanced Onsite Electrochemical STP provides an excellent opportunity to sustainably, reliably and cost-effectively meet growing demands for water and supplies significant household water (indoor and outdoor) by recycling sewage water and address the effects of climate change, drought and water supply uncertainty.

PAY PER USE Wastewater Treatment Model helps apartments, commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential property owners with efficient water supply, augments water supply for non-potable uses and reduce the demand on drinking water in metro cities and towns.


On-site sewage wastewater reuse considerably reduces drinking water use in both urban and rural households. Sufficient Water supply for Non-Potable Use and Significant Potable Water Savings.

  • ☞ Odour Free
  • ☞ Noise Free
  • ☞ Color Free
  • ☞ Microbes Free
  • ☞ Chemical Free
  • ☞ Maintenance Free
  • ☞ Least Foot Print (1/4th of the conventional)
  • ☞ Least Ownership Cost
  • ☞ Least Human Interface
  • ☞ Least Sludge Generation
  • ☞ Location Friendly
  • ☞ Eco Friendly

* Cost-effective
* Fit-for-purpose water production while protecting public health and the environment
* Provide immediate and long-term environmental, economic and social improvements